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Just Some Theatre open a script call out at least once per year - typically this is shown on this page and we advertise it via, social media and our newsletter which you can sign up for at the bottom of this page. We typically receive hundreds of submissions and as a small team with no core funding we try and get back to writers as soon as possible.


As a company, we're aiming to produce regular, professional quality theatre shows specifically for rural touring in the UK. If you're unfamiliar with rural touring, and the unique opportunities and challenges involved, please check out our blog post here.

We're open to considering most themes, styles and topics, but we'll ultimately make decisions based on the script's suitability for rural touring, if it promises a good night out experience, and whether we as a company feel passionate about the writing. 


We cast our productions in a range of ways from using external casting directors (we really like Hulman & Young!) and some times casting in house. We always post about our castings on our newsletter.

Rural touring offers new and exciting challeneges to that of typical theatre work, to find out more check out our blog posts where we'll be explaining more about what rural touring entails. 


We're always interested in hearing from all types of creatives as our list of projects is ever growing and it's always great to hear from people who would like to be involved.


Feel free to get in touch if you're currently working on a project we might be able to check out, or sign up to our newsletter where we will include any job positions.

As we have a strong focus on producing Rural Touring work we're interested in hearing from Directors & Designers that either have experience in this and/or a passion to get involved in creating work for rural audiences.

Please do drop us an email with a CV and some information about what you've been up to recently as we always love checking out previous work to get a sense of your practise.

Just Some Theatre does not share your contact information with anyone else and we also promise that we only send out a newsletter when we feel its appropriate to do so - In short we won't be filling up your inbox everyday! 

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