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The Four Horsemen


The Four Horsemen, written by our very own Jake Urry, is a satirical comedy which brings the fabled Horsemen of the Apocalypse into a contemporary setting.


It follows their struggle to bring about the end of the world as they battle against modern advancements, a demanding management department and also against each other. Death and War see their lifelong friendship torn apart by jealousy and infighting after war begins a relationship with the upcoming Horsewoman hopeful Addiction. Pestilence introduces the dream to his new disease, which sends victims through a dramatic enactment of the Seven Deadly Sins, and Famine struggles to bring together the team in a harmony they haven't seen since the Dark Ages.

"Terrific night watching @JustSomeTheatre 

#TheFourHorsemen. Plenty of topical satire to chuckle over in this crafty comedy. God made an appearance too, though his performance was a bit fishy. Congrats all, smashing show."

Audience Member - Twitter 

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