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The Idea
Written By Jake Urry & Peter Stone


Setting: Bangor train station in 2011, PETER stands making a call to JAKE.

PETER:    Right, I’ve had a great idea.

JAKE:      Are you at a train station?

PETER:    Yes. Anyway, so my idea is, we start a theatre company when we finish uni.

JAKE:      You actually are at a train station, I can hear the announcements. 

PETER:    Yes, they do have trains in Wales you know. Anyway what about this theatre                                company idea?

JAKE:      I was actually thinking along the same lines.

PETER:    Right. But it’s my idea, I said it first. 

JAKE:      How about we throw ourselves in at the deep end and do 3 plays in 3 months just                      after we graduate?

PETER:    Yeah, why not? 

JAKE:      So what do we call this company?

PETER:    Not sure. I’ll ask my mum.

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Co-Artistic Director
Jake leads on the marketing and engagement for the organisation, ensuring our activities are communicated and conveyed effectively. Jake also leads the audio outreach of the company.


Co-Artistic Director
Peter leads on producing the company's shows, and reaching out to connect and work with other like minded companies across the UK. Peter also leads the video outreach of the organisation.

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