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We've found that many of the skills we use in devising our productions are brilliant techniques to help students create work in a short space of time using stimulus or working from scratch. Most students instinctively try to plan what they will do and spend a lot of time debating how to show a piece. This workshop helps to tackle this and encourages students to create work with a more organic process.

Our workshop leaders will guide your students through a range of simple techniques they can use in order to help them devise work with a new, non-text-heavy method. The workshop is ideal for students required to devise work in exam conditions or in class time, whilst having to reflect on the work through coursework.

We have found our workshop to be most effective for tackling students instinctive behavior of responding to stimuli, usually spending the majority of time discussing 'what to do' instead of physically getting the work on its feet.

Just Some Workshops - Drama & Devising
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“Just Some Theatre have been into Sale Grammar for the past 5 years, I love bringing Peter and Jordan into the school because the experience the students get is so diverse, whatever I ask them to throw at the students they just get so stuck into it and students really respond to the work they do with them.


It's always engaging, innovative, and really inspirational stuff that leads directly into their devising, their extract performances and even their written examinations. I can highly recommend Just Some Theatre coming into your school.”

- Chris Townsend, Head of Performing Arts, Sale Grammar School

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