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2024 Director Callout

Just Some Theatre are looking for 3 directors to work on a new script reading project focussing on the suitability of three new scripts for Rural Touring in the UK.


The project involves working with a selection of third year acting students to work for two days with a director and then ending with a rehearsed reading, script in hand /  table read but we leave this down to each director to decide what they feel is best for the piece. Please note this project although using 3rd BA Acting (HONS) students, will not be contributing towards their course, it is purely an opportunity for the actors to work with a professional director and a new and exciting script.

Applicants but be available for one of the following set of dates:

  • 15th - 16th April

  • 16th - 17th April

  • 17th - 18th April 


Location: Preston, North West

Times: 10.00 - 17.00 each day

Total fee: £200 (We see this as £100 pd but appreciate that this doesn't cover any prep time you may wish to take and/or this fee is not reflective of the current industry standard rates - this project is not receiving any income at all so sadly on this occasion is the most JST is able to offer per director) 

We currently have three scripts we're working on showing if involved you'd be working on just one of them. None of the readings will be public, they'll be for the creative team involved, other actors involved in the project & Just Some Theatre to listen to. The project is purely for us to gain feedback from creatives on the scripts and to hear the words lifted off the page. Below is a list of the scripts with a synopsis sent by the writers.

Please email a short covering letter, describing what work excites you and CV for consideration to

Submissions close: 10am, 2nd April 2024

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