Looking for somewhere to rehearse? We've got just the place for you! Located in central Manchester (see the handy map below), our rehearsal space at Progress Centre is a spacious, comfortable room for you to get your project on it's feet. 

Perfect for rehearsed readings and small-medium scale production rehearsals, we've gone to great lengths to give you a pleasant working environment, with tables and chairs, a sofa, hot drink facilities and even a mini-fridge!

Use the form below to enquire about prices and available slots, and we'll get back to you asap!


Please bear in mind: we don't want to make things uncomfortable for our neighbours, so we ask that noise levels are kept respectful. Obviously when rehearsing we understand things get above normal conversation level which is fine, but please no primal screaming sessions or 120 piece orchestra rehearsals!

But that's not all!


We also have a high quality vocal booth, fit for solo microphone recording. Perfect for voiceover work, narration and recording that beatboxing album you've been planning. At present you're free to bring you're own equipment and record at your leisure, and in future we plan to provide a pair of hands and our own equipment for you!


Thanks! Message sent.