We’re seeking an experienced Dramaturg for an R&D of a new horror/thriller theatre production. The project is currently supported by Arts Council England for the completion of a full performance ready script. The project plans at a later date to undergo another R&D focussing solely on the technology that is planned to be used for the production. 


The role will involve working part-time, remotely with our commissioned writer with various script edits so that on completion of the project (Mid March 2021) we have a performance ready script. The project currently with a treatment and early synopsis, will undergo various drafts and workshops to take place digitally (Zoom) with a final rehearsed reading / script in hand performance that will be recorded socially distanced.


We’re keen to hear from people with experience of being a Dramaturg on projects that have gone onto mid/large scale theatre productions. 




  • Experience of working as a Dramaturg in the past

  • Script editing experience

  • Wide understanding of theatrical structures

  • Based in the UK




  • Experience of working in the commercial theatre sector

  • Experience of Horror / Thriller theatre productions

  • Basic knowledge of AR/VR/MR technology




The fee available for this position is £1750 and is a flat fee for the entirety of the project which is anticipated to run from mid December 2020 - Mid March 2021. 


To apply please send 

  • Your dramaturgical pedagogy / covering letter

  • Your CV

  • An overview of your availability between December 2020 and March 2021


We’re really interested in hearing what works you may have completed in the past and how they're involvement helped shape the work created by the writer.


If you have any questions regarding the position please do contact Peter at info@justsometheatre.co.uk


Deadline for submissions: _____________ at 15.00.