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2023 Script Callout

Just Some Theatre are looking for script submissions of full length plays suitable for Rural Touring in the UK.

The script must be:

  • Written by a UK resident

  • Able to be performed by a cast size of 2 to 4

  • Not previously performed professionally in it's entirety (readings/showcases are ok)

  • Appropriate for a wide audience, with minimal swearing, violence, nudity and sexual themes

Please use the form below to submit your script for consideration. Please do not email your submissions.
Submissions close: Friday, 5th January 2024

What we're looking for

As a company, we're aiming to produce regular, professional quality theatre shows specifically for rural touring in the UK. If you're unfamiliar with rural touring, and the unique opportunities and challenges involved, please check out our blog post here.

We're open to considering most themes, styles and topics, but we'll ultimately make decisions based on the script's suitability for rural touring, if it promises a good night out experience, and whether we as a company feel passionate about the writing. 


Your script doesn't have to be set in the countryside or focus on rural themes, it just has to be a show that rural communities can enjoy together in their local village hall!

Please also note that we're aiming to produce rural tours regularly, but we put a lot of time and effort into each of our shows, and we may end up with a decade's worth of promising scripts that we'd love to take on, just from this callout! So if we can't produce your script any time soon, we may still bear it in mind in the future.


From our experience of previous callouts, we thought it best to provide as much information as possible to avoid wasting anyone's time submitting ineligible work. Please read the FAQ's below before submitting for clarification on our guidelines.

What's the deal financially?

We generally work on a royalty split or 'per performance' fee, which we negotiate with the writers we work with.

Why do I have to be a UK resident?

We want to support artists living in the UK, and as we apply for funding from Arts Council England for our projects, we are unable to give paid opportunities to artists outside the UK. 

What does 'Able to be performed by a cast size of 2 to 4' mean?

As we're intending to take the show on a rural tour, it helps if we can fit everything (and everyone) into a van! We're more than happy to look at multi-roling if your script has more characters, but please make sure it'll be possible before you send it over. 

What if my script has had a partial/rehearsed reading?

That's fine, as long as the full script has not been produced professionally.

What do you mean by 'Appropriate for a wide audience'?

While we're not looking for a family or kids show, the venues and schemes that we work with know what they like, and also what's going to put off their audiences. If your script has excessive swearing, violence, nudity or sexual scenes, this might not be the right fit for that show. 

When will I hear back?

We plan to reply to all submissions by 29/02/2024 at the latest via the email you provide us. When we've run callouts before there have been hundreds of scripts to consider, so bear with us!

Can I submit a musical?

Sorry, not this time!

What counts as a 'full length play'

By full length play, we mean roughly 80-120 pages, or minutes. Our intention is to produce a play with an interval, and anything under an hour wouldn't provide enough value to our audiences and venues. 

Why are you being so picky?

As our past callouts have cast the net fairly wide, we've found ourselves reading through hundreds of scripts that might be great for one reason or another, but aren't right for us. We wanted to be as specific as possible this time, so that you don't waste your time submitting something that we can't work on. 

Submit your Script

Please fill out all sections of the form and attach your script below.

Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

Directors and Designers

We're always interested in hearing from all types of creatives as our list of projects is ever growing and it's always great to hear from people who would like to be involved.


Feel free to get in touch if you're currently working on a project we might be able to check out, or sign up to our newsletter where we will include any job positions.

Just Some Theatre does not share your contact information with anyone else and we also promise that we only send out a newsletter when we feel its appropriate to do so - In short we won't be filling up your inbox everyday! 

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